Saor Drama School

"The idea behind this Saor is simple. We provide a safe, supportive place where children and adults develop their confidence, creative and performance skills in fun and innovative ways through the medium of Irish or English."


I met with Elaine, the director of Saor and my great friend. We talked about what Saor was, who it was aimed at and what the identity should reflect. Through experimentation and conversation we decided that Fun, Open and Confident were the key words that reflected what Saor was all about. 

I designed the identity for Saor, with fun, openness and confidence in mind. The logo is strong and dynamic to reflect the style of teaching that Elaine provides at Saor. When Elaine was happy with the logo I went about applying this new identity to the website and created posters to promote the classes. 

It was a great project to be involved in, we had fun and created a beautiful dynamic identity. 

What I did for SAOR

Logo Design

Design Consultation

Web Design & Development

Poster & Stationary Design